Window Replacement & Installation

Legacy Exteriors is committed to becoming the one-stop-shop of your home exterior. So, of course, we included windows in our repertoire. We can install pretty much every type of window. Our selection of windows come from a premium manufacturer that covers everything from pane down to sealants. Our windows won’t leak air in or out and they will be easy to use for years. We offer a wide range of windows from sliding down to bay windows.
Replacement windows don’t have to be chaotic or a nuisance. With Legacy Exteriors, we help you choose a window that’ll keep you smiling for years. When your old windows have started to deteriorate or they aren’t up to snuff, call us or contact us for a free quote.

Maybe your windows are doing fine, but you want a new look? That’s great too! That’s we always keep our styles up-to-date to meet modern trends and fashion. But no matter what style you want, we’ll make sure to offer the same great energy-efficient designs at the best prices in Madison, Wisconsin.

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Awning windows are casement windows turned 90 degrees. They’ll provide your home with more ventilation due to the shape and angle of their open window. Plus, the crank-shaft will lock your window and prevent any air from leaking in. But they aren’t just a functional window, they’re a beautiful one too. The awning design can be used in conjunction with casement windows to provide a floor to ceiling window design.


Sliding windows are nature’s TV. They are perfect for great views of your backyard or front yard. The large width gives you plenty of room to take in the scenery around your home. Sliders are easy to operate because they don’t have very many moving parts (no levers, no cranks, no hinges, etc). Furthermore, their minimalist design makes them very easy to maintain.


A tall, elegant, window. The casement window has a classic hinge to open up for plenty of airflow. When closed, this window’s small frame allows tons of light to pour in. The crank is typically placed at the bottom of the frame so you can install this window in hard-to-reach places. That way, you can still get those cross breezes without sacrificing your design.


What’s a picture window? It’s pretty simple actually. Picture windows are your classic one-frame one-pane setup. Without any moving parts, these windows come at a very affordable price.You’ll typically find them in living rooms to bring in natural light and offer a feeling of open space. During the winter, these windows will keep your home a little more toasty – which also means a cheaper electricity bill.


Bay windows are the black suits of window design – they never go out of style. A bay window provides the aesthetic appeal of extra space in your home. The extra space can be used as a small ledge in a living room or a planter arrangement in a kitchen. Bay windows provide tons of illumination, which will give your home a brighter feel. Give your home a great view for an affordable price!

We Have More Options

Geometric Window

Bow Window

Double Hung Window

<h3style=”text-align:center;”>Windows that Save Money, Save Energy, and Keep You Warm

As beautiful as the cold weather might be, over at Legacy Exteriors we prefer looking at it through our windows – not actually feeling it. The windows we install or replace in homes will come with top-tier locking mechanisms. Drafts, winds, ice, and snow won’t penetrate the thick panes and brilliant design.

We also believe in keeping your energy costs as low as possible. All of our windows are energy efficient so your heater isn’t running all day in the in the winter!

Lastly, Legacy Exteriors carries a wide selection of replacement windows from fiberglass, vinyl, vinyl and wood combination, to wood. If your aim is to have options, well, we got ’em. We will give you all of the information up front so you can make an informed choice on style, type, and installation location.