Thatched Roofs – The New “Inn” Thing

Thatched Roof in Ireland

Thatched Roofs

From Inns to Homes

We’ve all probably seen the classic thatched roof on an old cottage inn or perhaps decorating a historic home. Though thatched roofs have been forgotten for nearly a century, they are making a fashionable comeback.

What Makes a Thatched Roof?

It starts with the straw, wheat, palm, or grass covering. Like most roofing materials, you’re going to need a lot of it weaving from side to side to ensure it’s water tight. But unlike most roofing materials, thatch is thick. You can see in that photo above, thatched roofs are sometimes a foot or more in thickness. But believe it or not, these roofs are lighter than average and need less support.

Thatched roof Germany


I’d wager about 99.9999% of thatched roofs are style-inspired. You don’t get a thatched roof for the convenience and I’ll tell you why: installation is expensive and the waitlist is currently massive. However, thatched roofs actually have a lot of benefits because they offer natural remedies to a lot of our modern day struggles. These roofs are surprisingly great insulators. They require no extra insulation. They are also environmentally friendly. You’ll be taking raw, basic, materials to install on your home.

The materials themselves are also actually very cheap. We’re nearly talking “dirt cheap”, but I guess we can call it “straw cheap” in this case. It can get expensive if you’re importing special types of materials.

Stylistically, you’re guaranteed to get your money back. It might take a while, but a buyer interested in a thatched roof is going to be hard pressed to find another one. It’s currently still a niche appearance and the maintenance can be off-putting. But if you find a buyer interested in your roof, they’ll do almost anything to have it!


Cahire Breton France Thatched roof

Last but not least, the style for your own benefit. Your home will never have that cold Victorian stiffness ever again. The cottage style appearance is much more inviting. And during the cold Wisconsin winters, a chimney peaked thatched roof will be a beautiful reprieve.



It’s always nice to know what you’re getting into, right? Well, thatched roofs are expensive to produce. It’s a unique skillset and very few people have it. I can tell you right now that Madison, Wisconsin doesn’t have a thatched roofer available. I’ve been looking and I can’t seem to find them (message me if you do)!

If you do find that “special-thatched-someone” you’ll need to be prepared for high maintenance. Unlike asphalt or metal roofs, birds will want your roof to become their new nest. And forget about trees over your home, you need direct sunlight to fight the bacteria and mold growing on your roof. So… needless to say, it’s a complicated process.


Thatched Roof on Cottage


But that’s not why someone installs it, right? I personally love the appearance of Thatched roofs. They are unique, eco-friendly, and cozy. That cozy, cottage, vibe would put a smile on my face every time I came home and that just might be enough.


  • light weight
  • environmentally friendly
  • cheap materials
  • beautiful appearance
  • high market value
  • great insulation


  • expensive installation
  • high maintenance
  • niche style


Let us know what you think! Would you get one? Why or why not? Legacy Exteriors might not have the installation skillsets to make it happen, but we’d love to meet someone who does!

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