LP Smart Side

We Install and Repair

  • Hardboard: We install LP wood siding and trim because it’s the best in the industry. You can’t go wrong with this durable and flexible siding. It provides you with long lasting color, low maintenance, and great returns on your investment. Plus, LP offers more colors than you could possibly need.
  • Vinyl: Low cost, low maintenance, and – best of all – gorgeous. But where it gains in modern style, it loses in durability. Use Madison folk might experiencing cracked siding in the winter. However, small blemishes are impossible to see because the color is deep in the siding. It takes significantly longer to fade.
  • Cement: James Hardie Cement Siding is another modern take on custom fiber mixtures in cement. It reduces water absorption of the wood and provides a weather resistant bonus. Some of it’s most noticeable benefits are its lightweight composure and easy installation.
  • Wood: Beautiful appearance, but high maintenance. Wood siding is generally going to be on the higher end, but it’s still cheaper than steel siding. It also requires a lot of paint touch ups and finishes.
    • Wood plank siding
    • Beveled wood siding
    • Wood shingles
  • Metal: Strong and low maintenance. Warranties can last you up to 30+ years in this industry due to it’s durable nature. But it’s expensive. This is usually used to retrofit wood siding, but overall it’s a lot less customization (you can’t custom trim or detail it).
    • Aluminum siding
    • Steel siding

Trying to Decide on Vinyl or Wood Siding?

Lets start with vinyl. You essentially have two options between vinyl: traditional and insulated. Well, the cost difference is actually not that much for insulated vinyl siding. Traditional vinyl – as opposed to insulated vinyl – is the most affordable option, but the margins won’t make it or break it for most homeowners. Most people choose traditional vinyl when they’re looking for an easy way to update the value of their house and decrease the upkeep. For most homeowners, traditional vinyl’s easy maintenance and custom color options give them a comfortable range of options.

But if you’re thinking of reducing your electricity bill, you should probably go with insulated vinyl. It keeps your temperatures nice and comfortable during those Summer and Winter seasons.

Engineered wood is a little more expensive, but it has that desirable authentic appearance. The name, engineered wood, means it has been developed to increase strength, performance, and protection against fungal decay and termites. Plus it has the added benefit of being eco-friendly.

What We Have That Others Don’t

We offer vinyl, LP Smart Side, cement board, and aluminum style vinyl. If you need it, we’ll have it. And if we don’t, we’ll help you get it!

Our crew is licensed, fully insured, and certified in lead paint laws. So, they know how to meet a deadline and how to fit a budget.

Lastly, when you go with Legacy Exteriors, you’re getting the personal touch of our employees. From the office to your backyard, we will be with you step-by-step because we truly care about your home. Your home – after all – is our legacy too.