Why Use Gutter Guards?

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Why should you get gutter guards this Spring?

In Madison, it’s no news that Spring is well on its way. As the final snow melts and the winds pick up, precipitation over our bridge between the lakes grows evermore. Although the rain brings new life to our plants and flowers, it comes with a small price. Many homeowners might be wincing during these longer downpours at the thought of their gutters being slammed by the incoming water works. As leaves start growing again, these Spring Showers will heave loose leaves down into your gutters. As the leaves pile up in your gutters they’ll either become a chore you take care of every few weeks or (if you’re lazy like me) a major issue in a few months.

But Spring is just the start. It’s usually the Fall that gets 99% of homeowners. So why do we recommend replacing gutters now? Well we know that many Madison, Wisconsin residents wait until the Spring to replace all of their gutters, downspouts, and roofing. When the weather starts warming, the ice will likely finish expanding. When the ice melts, your roof, gutters, and downspouts don’t decompress. They aren’t flexible enough. So, the cracks caused by the expanding water will remain open. Then, when the warm Spring weather approaches, you get that ear-grating drip drip notorious of pesky leaks.

We don’t want you being short sighted! Replacing your gutters is a great endeavor (especially for your foundation), but it’s only solving one problem: moving water. Moving water away from the foundation is the most important function of your gutters. Gutter guards just take the design of the gutter and improve it! They tack on a patented mesh of steel, aluminum, or – in some cases – plastic, that keeps debris out of your gutters.

As you can see, the leaves come right off the gutters. This solution might not be the most helpful during the Spring – although you’ll probably not have to brush your gutters for most of the year! It’s usually in the Fall that you’ll see a major improvement in your quality of life. Gutter guards are becoming a standard among homeowners – specifically Mastershield. We only install Mastershield Gutter Guards because they offer aluminum surgical grade stainless steel mesh. Why does that matter? Unlike the competition, these gutter guards don’t bend or break under simple stress. They aren’t made out of plastics or flimsy materials. Plus, they add right on top of your existing gutters. So, if you’re replacing a gutter or just fixing a shingle with us, consider asking about Mastershield Gutter Guards. They’ll improve your quality of life instantaneously!




  • Great post guys, its the same here in South Australia. Everyone gets their gutters cleaned and gutter guards installed at the last minute like a great “Christmas” rush. We install gutter guards all year round but the few weeks leading up to the rainy seasons and during the months it just rains non stop it gets so busy.

  • Having a gutter guard is actually a blessing as it protects the gutter from leaves and other debris from entering into the gutter but most of guards can have debris deposited and can be clogged, through it is easier to clean them than guards but still choose your guard wisely. I hope mastershield is an effective one.

  • I love it when people come together and share opinions. Great website, continue the good work!

  • Thanks for the tips! This will save a lot of money!


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