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MasterShield Gutter Guard

Never get dirty again… Unless you want to!

Mastershield Gutter Protection System

Dirty Gutters?

Every time you get out the ladder and put your hands inside your dirty gutter, I want you to think about Legacy Exteriors… As long as your mind is cleaner than your gutters. If you call us today, you could be done with cleaning your gutters before the fall weather starts to make that a weekly chore! I’m pretty sure you’d rather be relaxing at home instead of fretting over a gutter full of leaves. So why not consider calling us?

Get MasterShield!

MasterShield protects your gutters from leaves and other debris. Leaves fall from your trees every year and get stuck in your gutters. During Fall, rain and snow matte them down into your gutters. MasterShield provides a stainless steel mesh that prevents debris from entering, but still allows water to come through. The patented design sucks water in and keeps debris out! 


See how the fine stainless steel mesh is impenetrable from anything but water? Leaves should fly right off your roof where they can be easily cleaned up on the ground. The water gets transported down the gutters – just like normal – and deposited in the downspouts around your home.

The best part? We can install it on any home! We can install MasterShield on existing gutters or new gutters. So if you just want to cross a pesky chore off of your list forever, get MasterShield gutter guard protection!

Legacy Exteriors is one of the only installers in Wisconsin for this gutter guard protection. If you’re a lucky resident of our state, give us a call!

Check Out Our Reviews!

If you’re not so sure about our product, why not go check out our review on We are the only Wisconsin installers of MasterShield. We are rated as the #1 installers in your area for all home exteriors so you know you can trust us to give you the best products at the best prices.



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