6 Signs that You Need a New Roof

6 Ways to Tell if You Need a New Roof

6 Ways to Tell if You Need a New Roof

6 Ways to See If Need a New Roof

Tell Tale Signs that your roof needs a repair

1. Your Shingles are Starting to Curl or Deform

If your shingles start to have that funny wavy look or their are starting to curl upwards, you'll be needing a repair fairly soon. Your roof is actually quite open. Things like ventilation and cuts in your roofing exist to ensure that your roof doesn't get moldy or damp. But that also means your shingles need to keep water moving down and away from the attic or ceiling.

2. You're Starting to See Cracks

Cracks in shingles are bad for the same reasons that curling is bad. Cracks are inevitably going to allow water to seep into your roof and cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home. It's always easier to fix the roof than it is to fix the ceiling.


3. Shingles are Missing from Your Roof

This might sound obvious to you, but most homeowners rarely inspect their roof. After major storms or even heavy winds, weak shingles can get uplifted from your home. Sometimes, they just deteriorate into small sand-like grains. If you see missing shingles on your rooftop, that's a definite sign you need a new roof - soon.


4. Moss

That's right. Moss can crawl its way onto your roof. The exteriors of your homes are exposed to thousands of complex environments. Bacteria, seeds, moss, mold - you name it, your roof has probably seen it. It's important to take note when that green color starts invading your roof.


5. You've Had a Great Roof

Maybe your roof has lasted a sturdy 10 to 15 years without a single leak. Sounds like you've had a pretty good roof - or maybe you're just living in San Diego. In any case, you're going to still need a new one soon enough. Roofs are like cars, after a certain mileage even the best cars will start to break down.


6. Have Your Neighbors Been Getting New Roofs?

Your neighbors are probably like you - not really excited at the prospect of replacing your roof. But that's why it's important to notice when they do. Their house was likely built around the same time as yours. If they're replacing it, inevitably you will have to do the same thing.



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  • Our roof is over twenty years old, and is shingles, so I think it’s time to get a new one. After reading your article, I realized that I definitely think we need one. I went up to look for cracks, and I saw a few in the shingles.

  • It’s interesting that missing shingles are generally a sign of a bad roof. It makes sense that shingles are designed not to come off so if they do then it might be time to replace it. My roof has been having some serious problems and the shingles have just started to fall so having a professional come look at it could be helpful. Thanks for the post!

  • Very good points. Obviously being on alert is always better than suffering later. Keeping an eagle eye on shingles on a regular basis can save home owners from bigger disasters specially during hail because cracks in the shingles can make our homes extremely vulnerable when a barrage of snow balls strike at the roof at a high speed.

  • In your article, you stated that if your shingles start to have that funny wavy look or there are starting to curl upwards, you’ll be needing a repair fairly soon. When I came home from work last night I noticed that a lot of the shingles on our roof were starting to curl and looked worn down. I wonder if there are certain types of shingles that might be more durable during severe weather.

  • I recently noticed that the shingles on my home have started to curl slightly. Based off what the article says, you can have those shingles repaired instead of having to get them replaced. I’ve heard roof repairs are much less expensive than a replacement, and that they are just as long-lasting. Is that true?

  • Many people don’t do regular inspection of roofs. Inspecting a roof and time on time repairs can increase the roof life. To protect the home it is important to have a good quality roof. Sometimes over the time period roofs starts looking old, worn and the other times there are some problems in the roofs like leaks, moss and much more as discussed in the post. When you start seeing such signs of damage on roofs like cracked shingles or missing shingles then definitely call a professional for roof replacement. Sometimes you can notice outside light showing through the roof or there is loose debris or materials near the chimney or other penetration areas. Do a proper inspection and if repairing the roof costs more then look for roof replacement option. Generally, metal roofs are gaining popularity because of durability and long life span. So, you should look for various option of roofing materials available to choose the best.

  • It’s great to learn when I’ll need a new roof. Our shingles have a 25 year life span, and it’s been about 22 years. They still look pretty good, but I have seen some cracks around the edges of some of the shingles. I guess we should start looking at a replacement.

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